Shadow X2 IQOS Holder Genuine IQOS for Electronic Cigarette Cover Case Replacement Sealed

Price: $69.99
(as of Jan 22,2018 23:56:19 UTC – Details)

Holder Diameter :1.5cm
Holder Length :11.5cm
Input voltage :3.3-4.2V
Output voltage :3.3-4.2V
Battery capacity :650mAh
Charging time :1hour 40mins-2 hrs
Package dimension :200*150*50mm
Diameter of heat sticks :≤Φ7.5mm
HeatStick experience :3mins 30s or 14 puffs
Operating temperature(℃) :-10℃-60℃
Use times for heater :8000-9000 times
Tobacco :Fully compatible with all IQOS tobacco

The Heater is roasted at a low temperature, it support 12-15pcs tobaccos after one time full charge.
Fully compatible with all IQOS tobacco. 【IQOS replaceable】 iCos tobacco cartridges can be used iQos compatible items. Function same as iQOS Performance Flavor, design sticking to details, sophisticated fashionable body, compact and portable convenient size. Please purchase iQOS cartridge separately.
Healthy harmful substances are reduced by 90 percent, and side stream smoke is not coming out. It is a new generation of heated cigarettes that can’t be heard, so it does not disturb the people around them.
【With cleaning function】 There is no troubles such as cleanliness. You can clean yourself as the body performs self cleaning while heating. 650 mAh Large capacity battery, you can enjoy about 12 in full charge at once.
【Innovative Heating System】 Adopt the most advanced heat control TM technology in the world and let the heating plate heat up on both sides, so that you feel sucking while keeping a certain temperature realize the smoke taste and sucking feeling of true smoke.
How to use: Switch: ON / OFF can be switched by pressing and holding the switch button 5S in the non-smoking state. Smoking: When turning the power on, press switch 3 times quickly during 2 seconds, heating starts, the motor vibrates once, the LED blinks at the same time; at the set temperature, the motor shakes twice At the same time, the LED light turns on, you can start smoking. It can smoke more than 240 seconds or heating time of 240 seconds or more counting from the time of inserting the c